The Zanesville Fire Department Talks Ice Safety

by Courtney Wheaton on January 23, 2014 at 7:58 am

The Zanesville Fire Department used the cold weather to perform ice safety training on Wednesday.

For two hours firefighters learned the correct way to save someone who has fell through the ice in a real life simulation. Firefighters say they will first call out to the the person, then send them a rope, but if there is no response they go in and get them.

" We cut a hole with a chain saw, we tested the ice to make sure it was safe, they all had life jackets on. They were tied off and all the precautions were taken and safety measures,"said Lt. Hobson.

Lt. Hobson says that there are safety measures that the general public should also use to make sure they are on safe ground before it’s too late.

"An adult needs to check the ice anytime kids would need to venture out on the ice or play on the ice. You need to have an adult go put check with ice cut a hole in it see how thick it is four a human to be on the ice it needs to be at least four inches, " said Lt. Hobson.

Along with checking the ice people should never go out alone and make sure to wear the proper gear to prevent hypothermia and frost bite from occurring at an accelerated rate.