Three People Arrested in Drug Raid on Bailey Street

by Courtney Wheaton on January 31, 2014 at 6:45 am

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz says after a long term investigation his deputies raided two homes on Bailey Street in connection to drugs.

The sheriff says after obtaining search warrants, deputies from his office and the Guernsey County Special Response Team searched both residences Friday evening. Resulting in three people being taken in custody for questioning.

"We did take one individual in custody from the house over there and a male and a female in custody from over here so far. I can tell you we found four guns out of these two house and we are still searching," said Sheriff Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz says the two homes are hub spots for several drug dealers and that his department is aware of who they are. He says the next step is reviewing evidence and filing charges.

"We will look at what we find out of the houses, we will seize and evidence that we have in the houses. We will prepare cases, and take it to trial," sais Sheriff Lutz.

Lutz says a small amount of drugs were found at the two homes but he’s not identifying what kind at this time. Sheriff Lutz plans to meet with County Prosecutor, Mike Haddox to review the case. It remains under investigation.