Nichole Hannahs

Which is Worse for Your Health?

by Nichole Hannahs on January 23, 2014 at 1:03 am

Comments from President Barak Obama sparked debate into which is worse alcohol or marijuana.

In a recent "New Yorker" article the president said he tried smoking marijuana and that he doesn’t think it’s more dangerous than alcohol.

The executive director of Muskingum Behavioral health said the substances can’t really be compared.

"The marijuana that he may have experienced back in the day isn’t the same marijuana today," said Executive Director Steve Carrell. "Marijuana today is about 10 times more intoxicating because of the refined methods of growing it."

Both substances also have lasting consequences. Heavy alcohol use can lead to liver damage and binge drinking can lead to death. Marijuana’s effects aren’t as well established.

"The IQ goes down about one grade level. So an A student will become a B student and a B student a C student," explained Carrell.

Carrell said comments like the presidents can muddy the waters in the legalization of marijuana debate. Carrell said the drug should be studied by the Federal Drug Administration before a decision is made.