Youth From Around the State Compete in Robotics Game

by Courtney Wheaton on January 25, 2014 at 5:36 am

Zane State College hosted its first ever VEX Robotics Competition at the Zane State – OUZ Campus Center.

Nearly 40 teams signed up for the competition and on Saturday more than 25 showed up despite the inclement weather. Zane State President, Paul Brown says the competition is an investment in our future. The event promotes STEM learning and education in the youth.

"Our best recruiting advice in our programs and we have a robotics program is to really get down into the middle schools and the high schools and get them interested in the sciences, " said Brown.

Out of the teams that competed, only four will make it to states. From there, the teams that perform the best will have a chance to go the international games in Anaheim, California. To win, each team’s robot had to complete a variety of difficult tasks to score points.

"Scoring is relatively complicated. The most difficult part of the scoring is to take the smaller balls and to dip them into towers that are approximately 30 inches high. You can also score points by moving balls into certain parts of the arena," said Dean of Business and Engineering, George Hicks.

With the large turnout and interest, Zane State College plans to make this an annual event.