American Red Cross: Have a Flood Plan

by Miriah Turner on February 19, 2014 at 6:44 am

With warmer temperatures, melting snow, and the forecast of rain for the weekend, the American Red Cross is warning residents to be prepared for the possibility of flooding. Homes in low lying and flood prone areas need to have an evacuation plan in place. Set a designated area where you and your family can go. Remember to pack a disaster kit with items you may need. 

"Maybe have a three day supply of water, medications, or if you can’t have the medications, at least have a list of those," said Martha Staley, Community Disaster Educator with the American Red Cross. "Also bring a flashlight, and a radio with extra batteries."

As a reminder, The American Red Cross advises residents to include an electric bill in thier disaster kits. This will serve as proof of residency should your home suffer extensive damage. As always, stay away from flood waters as they can be harmful to you and your family.

"Dont play in water, it could be contaminated. Don’t let children play in floodwaters, it can carry disease and contamination," said Staley, "so just be careful of the surroundings and where you are."

When flood waters start to rise, it may be too late to begin making a plan. Have that plan in place before an event occurs. And don’t forget about your furry family members. Disaster kits for pets are a great idea as well.