Building Creativity One Block at A Time

by Erika Brooks on February 9, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Creativity was sparked at the John McIntire Library Saturday afternoon.

With a team and a box of legos area youth spent the wintry afternoon building original creations in this year’s 4th Annual Lego Tournament. The tournament has really gained momentum among elementary and middle school kids alike, so much so that officials had to turn kids away this year.

"We always try to have something going on at the library for kids to come and do. At least a couple family nights a month or a program like this because we really enjoy seeing them and getting out of the house is definitely something we all want to do right now," said Andrew Bell, who is an Early Childhood Literacy Specialist for the Children’s Department at the library.

While this is a competition, and the 22 teams from fourth to 12th grade and the 16 from kindergarten to third were considered by three local judges, Bell says winning is not the ultimate goal behind the lego tournament.

"We do have a first and second place, we do have a first place prize and participation ribbons for everyone. We do try to make contact because the idea is to facilitate that creativity for the library to be not just a place where you get the books to learn how to do something but where you can come and show us what you know how to do."

The theme of this year’s tournament was, "Other Worlds". The top picks by the judges can be seen at the John McIntire Library.

Thanks to such a large turnout, the library is considering doing the tournament more than just once a year. Check out their new and improved website to learn more about it and upcoming events you can take part in at