Nichole Hannahs

Career Change is a Phone Call Away

by Nichole Hannahs on February 11, 2014 at 6:52 am

You never know who’s on the other end of the phone.

At Digital Works JD is used to that. He’s working as an independent contractor answering customer service calls for a variety of companies like Pizza Hut, ProFlowers and about any late night infomercial you see on television.

Digital Works trains people like JD in the skills needed to take customer service calls so that they can work from home or Digital Works facility.

"With gas prices they way they are and something that was flexible and I’m really wanting to be a small business owner looking to be a real estate agent," said Digital Works Graduate Jeremy Diamond. "Customer service is something I really feel comfortable with."

The Muskingum Facility housed in the Business Incubator was the first center in the state. It opened in May of 2013. Now there are a total of 9 centers statewide. They’ve enrolled 250 people and 51 have found jobs. Not only do they connect residents with jobs, they mentor them to further their careers through four different levels.

"Someone would progress to a Level 2 which would be specific product or company that they’re specialized in and Level 3 we get into things content writing for websites, website development, programming and even technical help desk support."

While JD has been taking calls for three months others are just beginning the 4-6 week training process.

Clarence Miller’s been laid off for four years and found he wasn’t finding much work with an associates degree. That’s when he heard about the program.

"Short term my hope is to get a job somewhere where I can make some income, but long term I’m looking for a place where I can stay and work until retirement," explained Miller.

Participants in Digital Works can expect to earn 25 cents a minute averaging around $9-12 an hour. Those interested in learning more about the program can visit their website.