County Commissioners Review Rambo

by Courtney Wheaton on February 6, 2014 at 7:05 am

Rambo Memorial Health Center employees met with the county commissioners to ask that their annual levy is put on the ballot for November.

Rambo Executive Director, Crystal Bebout says that the health center has been on the ballot since 1961 and has yet to fail. She says supporting the organization is important because they provide unique and helpful programs for the community.

"We have one program specifically, it’s the Medication Assistance Program that have folks come in. They can either be insured or uninsured and we help them fill out paper work to get medications free through pharmaceutical companies, " said Bebout.

According to Bebout the program saved patients $350,000 last year. She says that Rambo also helps people receive low costs immunizations from spreadable diseases such as Tuberculosis.

" It’s actually the 2nd leading cause of death through infectious disease and it’s only second to HIV. It is something that is still prevalent in the world and we are very good at treating and testing for Tuberculosis in our county. "

There has been no cases reported in our area in the last few years, the clinic has seen approximately 16,000 patients in 2013 for a variety of ailments. The commissioners are currently reviewing data in order to make their decision.