Dillon Dam Officials Are on the Lookout for Flooding

by Courtney Wheaton on February 19, 2014 at 6:44 am

The threat of flooding due to snow melt and possible rain is keeping Dillon Dam officials on high alert.

Dillon Project Manager, Clifton Kilpatrick says his workers are constantly checking on the water, precipitation and ground saturation levels, especially during times where flooding is a real possibility.

"We monitor the precipt. One of the things we do here, we take a daily moisture measurement of snow on the ground, we break it down to see how much moisture content that there is right now. We have over an inch of moisture content on ground. "

Kilpatrick says that excess moisture usually runs into surrounding lakes, rivers and streams which could cause flooding. He has a few words of advice for people living near or around water.

"Keep a look out if you live along a small stream, make sure there is no major blockage and if you have problems contact the local EMA you can also contact us here, but make sure you remain vigilant and watch the rising of the river, " said Kilpatrick.

Dillon Dam officials says water levels are ok now, but they will keep a close watching moving forward.