Nichole Hannahs

From New Concord to Hollywood

by Nichole Hannahs on February 24, 2014 at 7:05 am

Growing up in New Concord Chris Owen Jones had dreams of making movies.

He credits the movie Jaws with being the film that got him thinking about the business. After graduating from John Glenn High School and some time at Muskingum University, Jones moved to North Carolina for film school. He visited Hollywood in 2000 before moving there full time in 2004.

"I never thought I felt like doing anything else at least as bad as that. I had support from my parents to go do it and I think that was it," said Jones.

Jones primarily works as a camera operator or assistant camera operator on films. He also has done visual effects, blowing up models and using blue and green screen technology for the movies Red and Red 2. 

"What’s that not on your main unit where all the big stars are it’s still the, I think, coolest part of action movies because it’s sort of having to put all that stuff together," explained Jones. 

While he can’t say the name of the film he currently wrapped production on he said it’s his favorite so far because it was shot on an old west set in Tucson, Arizona.