Gov. Kasich Speaks At Lincoln Day Dinner

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 6, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Governor John Kasich’s message of, "Ohio is leading the way," was heard in front of hundreds of people Wednesday night at the Muskingum County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

During his speech, Gov. Kasich touched on everything from God, family, taxes, and jobs. He told the audience that he wants Ohio to be a "well-rounded state," with less regulations, and said "jobs are the ticket" for making that possible.

"We’re up 170,000 jobs, it’s not enough, you have to keep going," Gov. Kasich said of creating jobs over the past three years. "And we’re just starting to hit our stride and my feeling is you get momentum, you just have to keep improving it and make sure Ohio can be as great as we once were."

In order to do that, Kasich said the Republican Party has to stand for tax cuts and focus on financial stability. The governor also mentioned education, noting he has increased K-12 funding and recently created the "Third Grade Reading Guarantee," a program aimed at improving literacy, and reducing the growing rate of high school drop outs in the state. Ohio’s growing drug problem was also discussed, including, Start Talking!, a drug prevention program.

"We got money in the bank, we’ve balanced budgets and surpluses, and we’re doing more things with schools and making sure that people who often are left out; the addicted the mentally ill, the poor, that we’re making sure that we try and give them an opportunity to be successful as well."

Regardless of whether it’s an election year or not, Gov. Kasich said speaking at Wednesday’s dinner is something he enjoys doing.

"I do these things election year or not election year," said Gov. Kasich. "I like to go out and be with folks. It’s a way for them to see me. Because I think a lot of times, when people hear your name or whatever, you’re just a face in a newspaper and a title. So the ability to get out and let people meet ya is something that I think is important."