George Hiotis

Law Director: Letter Seeking Severance Package

by George Hiotis on February 19, 2014 at 2:51 am

Zanesville City Law Director Scott Hillis says he has received a letter from a Dayton attorney concerning a fired city employee.  Hillis says the correspondence states that the lawyer is exploring with former Zanesville Public Service Director Jim Sawyer his rights and remedies in connection with his dismissal.  Hillis says the attorney wants some type of severance package for Sawyer.  The Law Director says Mayor Jeff Tilton – who fired Sawyer after just 2 months of the job – is not interested or can he offer a severance package under Ohio law.  At the time Tilton said there were philosophical differences between the way the two wanted the public service department operated.  The Mayor says Sawyer was fired during the probationary period of his employment with the City.