Nichole Hannahs

Learning Mental Health First Aid

by Nichole Hannahs on February 26, 2014 at 6:26 am

People from service organizations, churches and others just wanting to learn more got a lesson in mental health CPR.

The program developed in Australia in 2001 helps people understand what mental health illness is and how to recognize the warning signs of mental illness, so they can get help before there’s a crisis.

A Prevention Coordinator for Muskingum Behavioral Health said getting help early is key.

"It is treatable but often times people don’t know where to get help or others may not know how to help the person, so it might be ignored," said Kris Headley. "They don’t know what to recognize, so we’re trying to give them the resources and the tools on where to guide these people to and how to help them in a more efficient way."

Headley said one of the problems in dealing with mental illness is that often times people don’t sympathize with the person suffering when support is what they need.

"If somebody is trying to isolate themselves, maybe missing work a lot, seem a little sad, have a little blues a lot of time people say shake it off, but it can be more than that and they may need more help then just shake it off," explained Headley.

Along with learning the warning signs Headley said Wednesday’s event will also educate those in attendance on where people can go in our area for mental health help and how to help without putting yourself in a bad situation.