MCEO Low On Salt

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 28, 2014 at 6:59 am

Matt Russell, Administrative Deputy at the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office, says the MCEO currently has 300 tons of salt left to last them until the end of winter. Typically the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office uses 3,000 to 4,000 tons of salt a year. This year, that number has nearly doubled to 6,000 tons. Russell says because they have maxed out their state contract, it’s unlikely they will order more salt.

"You’d have to pay more if you can actually get it," said Russell. "And right now there’s just so many orders that are needing to filled out there that it’s very difficult to even obtain the salt. "

To prepare for the potential storm in the forecast, Russell says they will treat this storm just like any other, and will continue to mix what salt they have left with sand.

"Straight salt of course melts the roads sooner but you have to have enough to do the whole county and we have 530 miles of roadway to take care of. So we have to make it go farther so therefore we have to mix it."

Lack of salt has been a statewide issue for many counties across Ohio this winter. Russell says 34 of the last 90 days, crews have been out on snow removal.