New Bath Salt-Like Drug Called “Gravel”

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 28, 2014 at 6:58 am

Law enforcement officials in Ohio are being warned of a new drug called "Gravel." The drug, which get its name from what it resembles, is a mixture of rat poison, bath salts and methamphetamine, and is migrating north from the southern part of the United States. Muskingum Behavioral Health CEO, Steve Carrell, says Gravel is a "comeback for bath salts," with very similar side effects.

"People who use this drug called Gravel are super paranoid," Carrell explained. "They think people are coming to get them, which, police probably are, they’re super paranoid about anything and everything around them. And they’re going to run, they’re going to hide and just be resistant to help."

Carrell says the paranoia side effect can lead to long-term problems, and notes another issue with the drug is that it looks very similar to crack-cocaine.

"There’s always the possibility somebody who is used to getting high on crack inadvertently gets this, are used to getting the high of crack and all of a sudden with this, they’ll feel the stimulant effect but then they’ll go immediately right into the paranoia."

If you see the drug, Carrell urges you to contact the police. For more information, you can call the Muskingum Behavioral Health office at 740-454-1266.