Prepping For Fatherhood

by Erika Brooks on February 9, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Expectant dads got a helping hand as they take their first steps into fatherhood.

ForeverDads held their nationally recognized Boot Camp Saturday. Fathers and those soon-to-be fathers attended the program designed specifically for men, providing an opportunity to learn and connect with other fathers on topics such as how to take care of mom, before during and after birth, plus how to calm a crying baby, change a diaper and of course what to do in the hospital.

"When a lot of the rookie dads one of the major concerns is probably delivery. Just being there in the delivery room. That seems to be a primary concern and also after delivery. Just how to take care of a baby, a lot of them haven’t done a lot of the basic things, so this is there first time around," said Jesse Rupe, a Boot Camp coach and soon-to-be father of five.

Saturday’s event wasn’t just for fathers. New and expecting moms also got to share in learning at the Boot Camp Baby Shower. Thanks to Faith and Heartbeats of Muskingum Valley, the women were able to talk to other moms about nursery plans, doctor visits and what to expect when coming home from the hospital.

"The idea with the baby shower was if we could get the moms to come they would probably bring the dads along too. So the moms have kind of been a leverage to get some more dads here," added Rupe.

Any father, no matter how new can attend these boot camps. To learn more about the next opportunity, visit,