Residents Snowed In

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 5, 2014 at 6:41 am

Although the city is plowing the roads, chances are you had to dig your car out of the snow this morning. We caught up with a few Zanesville residents who did just that.

"I wasn’t expecting it," said Jerry McClellan. "I was expecting a little bit of snow but nothing near like this."

Terry DeLancey said, "Oh the snows been buried on it there as you can tell with the other vehicles there. It took probably a good 20 minutes to get dug around, I’m still not done there with that yet."

While some residents are shocked at how much snow hit our area, others are enjoying the winter weather. For Marcus Pisch, he spent his snow day catching up on homework. And for April Gurra, she and her kids made a snowman.

"If it’s gonna be winter time, I want the snow to be here," said Picsh. "I’m just one of the people that don’t want to avoid it. If you want to be in the warm, you should move down south. That’s where you should be at, not here."

"Actually, I’ve been waiting on this, I came here wanting this, so I’m very happy," said Gurra.

The next chance for accumulating snow is this weekend.