Students Debate To Keep Loom Bracelets At John McIntire Elementary

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 12, 2014 at 6:47 am

It was a debate over Rainbow Loom bracelets at John McIntire Elementary Wednesday afternoon.

After hearing over the announcements that Loom bracelets were banned by Principal Kacey Cottrill, fourth graders Josie Van Kirk, Allie Walker and Morgan Smith, wrote letters to Principal Cottrill explaining why their favorite accessory should be allowed in school.

"I disallowed the Rainbow Looms in the school and students got together and came up with some good, persuasive letters to talk me into bringing them back," Cottrill explained. "So I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about persuasive writing, and to also have kind of a friendly debate about why we should keep them or why we shouldn’t."

The panel of judges for the debate included Judge Kelly Cottrill, Judge Eric Martin, Community School Principal, Frank Van Kirk, and coordinator of operations for Zanesville Schools, Kevin Appleman. While Principal Cottrill said the bracelets were distracting and not every student could afford them, the girls’ offered solutions like sharing, and even suggested there be consequences for students who don’t follow the rules. The panel sided with the students and lifted the ban. The three girls gave up their recess and lunch to work on their presentation, proving hard work pays off.

"We went on that stage exactly a couple times, and by a couple, I mean a lot. And we practiced and the first time we kind of giggled, but then when it got closer to today, we kind of worked really hard and we wanted to get them back really bad," said Allie Walker. "We tried not to giggle and laugh," Morgan Smith said of participating in the debate.