Taste of Color at the Zanesville Civic League Community Center

by Courtney Wheaton on February 16, 2014 at 12:21 pm

The 19th Annual Taste of Color was held at the Zanesville Civic League Community Center.

Dozens of people met at the center to celebrate black history and diversity. During the program there was dancing, inspirational speeches and awards given out to good doers from the local area. The first ever Robert Tidco Award was presented on Saturday.

"This year is Bill Hollins, he works at Zanesville Metropolitan Housing and he’s been working there for a number of years. I know over ten years and he’s worked closely with kids, those kind of jobs, those types of careers are from the heart, "said Executive Director, Howard Bailey.

Three children also received recognition for their diversity art work and essays before everyone prayed and began to line up for dinner. Bailey says that the Taste of Color is an important staple in the community and people always look forward to it.

"They like it a lot. I think that the weather has hindered the numbers a little bit today, but typically we have around 150 to 200 people," said Bailey.

Guests enjoyed a variety of homemade dishes including ribs, greens and fried fish. Local restaurants also helped out by providing biscuits and desserts.