The Cardinal Chorale Performs

by Courtney Wheaton on February 16, 2014 at 7:42 am

A group of talented singers met at the Presbyterian Church in Coshocton on Sunday for a special encore performance.

The Cardinal Chorale is comprised of more than 40 members of the "All Ohio Youth Choir." The chorale gives members from all over the state a chance to reunite and sing together once again.

"Today we are having a very special reunion of a group that took place a few summers ago in a 2012 chorale. We went on tour last summer and we went all around Ohio sharing our music with people and this is a really great opportunity where we wouldn’t usually get to get together and that’s just so stupendous, " said member, Rebekah Montgomery.

The group, comprised of high school and college students, sang a variety of songs that range in harmony and difficulty.

"It really ranges from everything. We are doing classical to really complex pieces to things from musicals that everyone knows, " said member, Jake Widdowson.

Many of the selections sang at the concert had a religious theme and dozens of people came out the church to hear the performance. The group has been recognized by various organizations and has received a numerous awards.