The Gorsuch Fitness Trail Closes

by Miriah Turner on February 24, 2014 at 7:01 am

With the ongoing construction at the new Genesis Hospital, the Gorsuch Fitness Trail is expected to close this Sunday.

The most recent phase of construction on the Genesis-Bethesda campus takes place in the North West corridor, along one of the most active roads on site.

"We are going to try to minimize the changes in circulation, but there will be some, said Al Burns, Chief Development Officer. "We’re working with Turner and Igel to make those changes as small as possible and as painless as possible."

With the great amount of activity along the trail and various construction sites ongoing, the inconvenience of shutting down the fitness trail will ultimately serve as peace of mind. 

Burns stated "its the safety of our visitors, safety of the patients, our employees, and the people that walk the trail"  that’s most important. "There’s going to be a lot of congestion in the front of the campus during this next phase."

The trail is scheduled to re-open near the end of June. It will feature new accessible parking and will be a permanent part of the newly redesigned campus.