The ZHS Robotics Team on the Way to WORLDS

by Miriah Turner on February 26, 2014 at 6:10 am

The ZHS Robotics team, 4112A,  took home the State Champion title and they qualified for Worlds at the end of this April in California. However, just for the sake of science and competition, they’re making a pitt stop the first week of April in Omaha for Nationals.

When asked how they felt after walking away from their previous competition as State Champs, Corey Gibson replied "it feels great, it’s an excellent opportunity, it’s been really fun."

Team member Kayla Berry has her eyes set on the goal and already knows the challenges they will face in their future competitions. "We definitely have to ramp up our speed and our ability of our robot in general, we’re building a whole new one," said Berry. "So it’s definitely going to be a challenge but it will be worth it in the end."

The design of the robot is efficient and fit for competition. "Our robot has been a product of a lot of hard work," said team member Paritosh Kanhe. "We have designed it so that it’s fast, and so that it can efficiently and reliably score the buckeyballs into the goal. And we think we have a pretty good robot that can score a lot of points."

"We designed it as a ten bar because in the previous years there was a six bar back in Gateway in 2012 when we first started," team member Matt Burnell mentioned. "This year the rail got even lower, so we though we’d use a ten bar to get back up to the goal height, and its pretty efficient because we can go OVER other robots."

Best of luck to the ZHS Robotics team as they make their way to Nationals and Worlds!