Nichole Hannahs

Weather Slows Blood Donations

by Nichole Hannahs on February 12, 2014 at 6:44 am

The winter weather continues to impact the United States and could impact your health.

The Red Cross reported that 34 states have been affected by the weather leading to the cancelations of a thousand blood drives from January 2 through Monday.

While that number may not seem like a lot it’s left 35,000 donations uncollected.

"That’s monumental because the need usually increases in bad weather because of trauma," said Executive Director of the Muskingum Valley Red Cross Marlene Henderson. "You never know when someone is going to need platelets or plasma or whole blood. We’re just asking everybody to go to and put your zip code in and find a blood drive closest to you."

Henderson said they’ll try and make up some of the units of blood lost in our area by scheduling more blood drives and over recruiting for them. It’s especially important for those with O Negative to donate.

"Our blood is the one thing they can’t manufacture and there’s nothing synthetic that can make that up," explained Henderson. "It has to be whole blood, so it’s extremely important that we have that blood and we have those blood supplies on our shelves."

If you wish to donate blood drives will take place Friday in Zanesville at the Military Recruiting Office and at Zane Grey Elementary.