Zane State Helps Students Find Money For College

by Erika Brooks on February 9, 2014 at 11:59 am

It may be the middle of winter but for those looking to head off to college in the fall, now is the time to start planning…

Financial aid is key in order for most students to attend college and for the ninth year in a row, Zane State held their College Goal Sunday to help students apply for financial aid.

"It’s a free event that we help families fill out their FAFSAs so students know how much they’re eligible for in the Pell Grant, subsidized and unsubsidized loan," according to Stacy Bernard, a Zane State College Financial Aid Advisor.

While the majority of attendees are mostly soon-to-be first time college students, the event is truly open to everyone.

"It can be somebody that’s a senior in high school, a non-traditional student if you’re a little bit older and you just want to fill out the FAFSA and see if you’re eligible or not you want to come out and fill out and get that FAFSA done and see what you’re eligible to receive," said Bernard.

While today was the main event, there is still help available for those who missed it. You can still get help by contacting the financial aid office of the college you plan on attending.