Zanesville Fire Department Inducts a New Engine

by Miriah Turner on February 24, 2014 at 8:11 am

The Zanesville Fire Department held a ceremony this afternoon to dedicate the new Pierce Velocity Fire Engine to their service.

Station #2 on Eppley Ave. will house the new apparatus. The department is able to continue their day to day missions and better serve the public through this new addition.

"In addition to the administration and council, its really the citizens of Zanesville that makes this possible," said Fire Chief Kevin Thomas. "They are where our funding comes from and they make it possible for us to have the tools we need to do our jobs, and I’d really like to thank them. "

The new engine is officially in service after the "Washing of the Tires" this afternoon. This act, originally routine for firefighters back in the 1800’s, is used on ceremonious accounts today. Back when fire stations used horse drawn apparatuses, they would bring the horse and coach back to the station, un-hitch the horses, and wash the wheels. This served to not only clean dirt and grime, but also preserve the wheels and prevent them from drying out and cracking. Today, the Washing of the Tires Ceremony is used to officially place a new engine in service.

The fire department’s hope is that the new engine will serve the Zanesville community for the next twenty five to thirty years.