ZCSD Receives Grant For New Security System

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 3, 2014 at 6:50 am

The Zanesville City School District received a grant from the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission for MARCS radios, a security technology used in the event of a school shooting, bomb threat or other emergencies. Operations coordinator for the school district, Kevin Appleman, says there will be a radio placed in an undisclosed location in each of the district’s six buildings.

"It’s just a button that’s pushed. When you push that button it goes out to those local authorities," Appleman explained. "They know what building, not necessarily what’s going on, that’s why we’re gonna put this team together, to say ‘hey, we’re gonna push it for this or whatever."

The team Appleman is talking about is a group of school officials, Muskingum County EMA Director Bo Keck, and local law enforcement. The group will discuss safety plans and the protocol for using the radio system.

"Everybody’s collaborating together which we’ve always done that here in our city school district, I know the county has too, so it’s just another added for everyone to keep all our staff, our students and the public safe."

Maysville and the East Muskingum schools have also applied for the grant.