Bids Opened For a New County Water Project

by Courtney Wheaton on March 27, 2014 at 6:53 am

A bid opening took place at the Muskingum County Commissioners Office on Thursday for a new county water project.

In conjunction with the 40 West Gratiot-Mt. Sterling existing pipe lines, both the Western Heights and Ridge Roads Water Projects will expand to include 45 properties on those two streets. The county commissioners received five bids from various companies to complete the project.

"Our estimate was $322,000 and we had bids ranging from $485,000 to $301,000," said County Commissioner, Jim Porter.

The KE Site Company , MJ Excavating, Zemba Brothers, Precision Pipeline and TWC services all placed bid offers . Porter says that the county uses a strict procedure to pick the winning bid.

" We are required to take the lowest and best bid. We voted to take them under advisement and we will have the engineer look at them and he’ll come back with the recommendation, " said Porter.

The county commissioners expect to make a decision within a week. The project is expected to start on May 1 and will take approximately 30 days to complete. Once finished residents will have public water opposed to using well water. The project was petitioned by property owners in the area.