City Plans to Fix Area Potholes

by Courtney Wheaton on March 20, 2014 at 7:08 am

The city of Zanesville is still working to eliminate the pothole dilemma in our area.

Acting Public Service Director, Chip Saunders says that so far the city has spent more than $28,000 to fix area potholes. City council is looking to receive grant funding to better address the problem once asphalt plants open up later in the spring.

"The first step is when the plants open up in a month, we have got a 5,000 ton pavement project that has to be completed by June 1. We have a contractor already on board for that Shelly and Sands will be doing that, " said Saunders.

Several local streets will be milled and resurfaced during the estimated $500,000 project. Until then the city is looking for other ways to improve the roads for drivers and to better patch the holes.

"We have looked at other materials than standard cold mix, standard cold mix costs about 90 bucks a ton and we looked at some products that are suppose to be able to stay with better weather condition, but then you are looking at over $ 600 a ton so it becomes and issue of economics," said Saunders.

The city has also looked into purchasing a pot hole machine and has a scheduled meeting to check one out this week. If you would like to report a pothole in your area feel free to call the city by phone.