County Commissioners Decree “Ohio 4-H Week”

by Miriah Turner on March 3, 2014 at 6:53 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners have decreed the first full week of March "Ohio 4-H week"

Commissioners met with 4-H leaders this afternoon to read the proclamation. The 4-H flag will also fly over the court house all week. 4-H empowers youth for positive change.

"One of the things that i really like and look forward to is the family connection," said Michelle Fehr, extension educator of 4-H youth. "There are many people in several areas that 4-H is just a generational thing, their parents and grand parents have done it. So its a way for families to learn more about each other and for us to have better communities."

The county wide 4-H kick off takes place this Wednesday March 5th at Rolling Plains United Methodist Church from 5-7 pm. The baked potato dinner will aid in funding 4-H and the youth programs.

"What 4-H gives youth in helping them to develop themselves, becoming productive citizens, is the greatest thing," siad Fehr.

4-H is an informal educational program offered in each of the 88 counties in ohio, enrollments for the 2014 year are due April 1st. For more information on 4-H or on how to enroll your child you can visit the 4-H website at