Executive Director Appointed To Zanesville Museum of Art

Executive Director Appointed To Zanesville Museum of Art

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 19, 2014

Zanesville Museum of Art’s Board President, Richard Duncan, announced after a nationwide search, Laine B. Snyder has been named the museum’s executive director. Duncan said a search committee was created to help fill the position.

"The board is extremely exited about it and I do want to compliment our staff at the museum," said Duncan. "They pulled together for a period of about 8 months without a director and they did just an excellent job. So I want to thank them."

Snyder helped create exhibits at several museums in Southwest Ohio and is a ceramic artist herself. She has served as the curator for exhibits at the Dayton Art Institute and at Miami University Art Museum. Snyder will start on May 5. Along with a new director, the art museum also has a few new exhibits on display including the annual K-12 coming up on April.

"It’s just so neat to be able to see what the students do. Everything from a kindergartner, sometimes they need to explain what that is to some very very sophisticated works by some of the high school students."

For more information, you can go online to www.zanesvilleart.org.