Fieldhouse Foundation Hopes To Reallocate 50K From Grant

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 24, 2014 at 6:47 am

Representatives from the Fieldhouse Foundation met with the Muskingum County Commissioner’s Monday afternoon to ask their support in reallocating $50,000 from a $250,000 grant that is set to be used towards renovating Littick Hall. Fieldhouse CEO, Mick Amicone said the money will be better spent in helping create an Adaptive Needs Center, which will serve both children and adults with special needs, disabilities or injuries.

"We have about 7, well actually 8 locker room or restroom facilities, and because of the great number of those we serve now, they all need to be accessible, so we need to do bricks and mortar, retrofit, in order to make those restrooms accessible," said Amicone.

Four of the 80 or so people the Foundation provides services to at no charge, also attended the meeting. Lee Donoho, program director for the Fieldhouse Foundation said from here, she will contact our state representatives and ultimately try and meet with Governor Kasich.

"The Fieldhouse Foundation is a very special entity and there’s only one in the state that we’re aware of that does this kind of thing for kids, so we really need, we really need to peoples’ support," said Donoho.

The commissioner’s agreed to pledge their support.