Fire On Salt Creek Drive Details

by Miriah Turner on March 17, 2014 at 6:57 am

A fire which broke out this morning in Duncan Falls caused considerable damage for homeowner Doug Irvin.

Around 9:45 am Harrison and Wayne Township firefighters responded to a house fire at 4160 Salt Creek Dr.

"There was smoke just pouring out of the house at all locations, and the crew that made entry into the first floor discovered that there was a hole burnt into the floor," said Wayne Township-Duncan Falls Fire Chief Don Alexander. "It appears it started in the wood burning furnace type area in the basement and it burnt up through the floor and walls of the house.The wood burner provided heat to the entire house. It had duct work running from it. So naturally it sent the smoke everywhere in the house too".

Homeowners were not present at the time of the fire. Chief Alexander says the damages are repairable. The family dog was unfortunately lost in the fire.