Float Away With The Orchestra

by Erika Brooks on March 2, 2014 at 12:05 pm

If the weather holds off and you’re looking for family fun this Sunday, the Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra has just the ticket.

At 3:30 the Orchestra will perform their annual Children’s Concert at Muskingum University’s Brown Chapel in New Concord. The show promises to be a unique and fun event for all ages.

"We do some pretty off-the-wall, out of the box things most of the time but that’s what makes it fun and entertaining. Teaching as well, we’re educating our children when we do our Children’s Concerts, they get to hear great music in a fun environment and they learn about other cultures, countries and just all kinds of things just get put in where they get to learn and have a good time learning," said Laura Schumann, Conductor and Music Director for the Orchestra.

The high-energy, fast-paced concert will take listeners on an unusual and exciting ride they won’t soon forget.

According to Schumann, "An adventure story where we get to go to different countries so they get to experience the ideas.We have flags of the other countries, where we just had the Olympics so the flags come in handy and kids might say, ‘oh, I remember a skier who won from that country and oh my gosh we’re hearing the music of that country’, so it’s a fabulous thing on that."

Tickets will be available at the door. If the snow storm does hit and the concert needs to be cancelled, the announcement will be made on whiznews.com