Four Local Boys Inducted as Eagle Scouts

by Courtney Wheaton on March 23, 2014 at 11:52 am

Four area life scouts took the necessary steps to become Eagles and were congratulated in a ceremony on Sunday.

Boys scouts from troops 122 and 174 in the Muskingum Valley Council graduated to the rank of Eagle Scout. One scout says it took hard work and dedication to make it to this point in their lives.

"There are different rankings that you have to do and each ranking takes sixth months and once you complete those and get to your final ranking you have to do an Eagle Project, which requires a ton of paper work. The Eagle Project has to benefit something in the community," said Eagle Scout, Hunter Faulhaber.

Another Eagle Scout, Elwood Paff, says this moment is especially meaningful to him because it reminds him of his father who passed away just last year. Paff’s father was also in the scout program, he never had the chance to make it to eagle, but instilled the goal in his son.

" He helped me out by earning air badges and teaching me things I needed for scouting, so that’s why I think he would be very proud of me if he were here today."

Eagle scouts Shiloh Jones and Jason Trickett were also awarded. They both say they are eager to have more responsibilities and help any one in need.