Josh Mandel Stops In Zanesville, Talks Jobs, Finances

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 4, 2014 at 6:52 am

Treasurer of Ohio Josh Mandel stopped by Bryan’s Place to speak to the Noon Rotary Club about Ohio’s economic issues Monday afternoon. Mandel provided an update on what’s going on in the treasurer’s office, and transitioned his speech into a town hall-style meeting, taking questions from Rotarians. A big focus during his speech was about job opportunities, and making sure when jobs in the oil and gas industry arrive, Ohioans are ready.

"One of my big issues is investing in vocational schools, investing in career and technical schools to make sure that we have a next generation of skilled trade laborers to work in these jobs," Mandel explained. "Especially here in the oil and gas fields."

Also discussed was putting the state’s checkbook online for all Ohioans to see, a plan Mandel says will hold politicians acountable.

"Citizens will actually be able to see how every penny in state government is spent and I think this will be a great service for citizens and I think it’ll also make the politicians and the bureaucrats think twice before they waste our tax money or even worse, defraud the citizens."

Mandel, a veteran himself, also spoke about financial hardships veterans face when they return home from overseas, and financial literacy workshops his office provides for them.