Law Enforcement Increase Staff on St. Patrick’s Day

by Courtney Wheaton on March 14, 2014 at 6:51 am

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz is asking the public to stay safe during the weekend leading up to St. Patrick’s Day coming up this Monday.

Sheriff Lutz says with March Madness, warmer weather and the impending holiday there are plenty of reasons why there will be more traffic throughout the area. He says his team will have a few extra cars on patrol to keep the county safe throughout the holiday.

"We’re doing what we call the High Visibility Enforcement Grant and that’s the grant from the state and we are getting like $28,000 and that money we will use towards overtime for our people to go out and do speed enforcement as well as impaired driving enforcement, " said Lutz.

He says that there will be DUI checkpoints set up around the county and he suggests drinkers find alternative transportation instead of drinking and driving. Sheriff Lutz says that accidents not only affect the driver but, can put other people in harm’s way.

"When you are going somewhere and you think you are going to be consuming alcohol at any level the best practice is to always have somebody there that can either pick you up or is designated as a non drinker and once all the fun is over can drive you home safely," said Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz also suggests leaving for your desired destination earlier than normal to offset the higher amount of traffic that will most likely occur due to the holiday.