Lawn and Garden Prep For March

by Miriah Turner on March 10, 2014 at 9:49 am

The turn of the season has many thinking about their lawns and what to plant in their gardens this Spring.

Harsh Winter weather takes a toll on outdoor plants and gardens. At this point in season,  snow melt still has the ground soaked in areas. Our region is also still susceptible to an occasional freeze.

"Dont work soil yet, it’s still too wet, so we need to let that soil dry out," said Mark Mechling, Extension Educator of Muskingum County. "Don’t plant tender plants yet, it’s much too early to be planting any perennials and annuals."

The month of March is usually a good time to begin assessing your lawn and plan an approach to clean up areas surrounding your home.

"One thing people could do right now is start raking their yard and getting rid of that winter debris that’s accumulated," said Mechling. "Another thing people could do right now now is prune their plants. Plants are still dormant. They have not started growing yet. So people could look to see how they might shape their plants up a little bit after winter, remove any broken branches that are maybe in the way of the sidewalk or rubbing against the house, and begin to limit the size and shape of a plant."

As the warm up continues this month,  stock your lawn supplies, prepare your tools, and in keep in mind that it is best to seed lawns the first week of April.