Local Boy Finds $1,300 and Returns It To Owner

by Miriah Turner on March 6, 2014 at 6:11 am

So….what would you do if you found $1,300 on the ground?

A local boy was faced with that exact question this past Monday, when he and his family entered the Community Bank on Maysville Pike.

"There was a lady that came over to one of the islands that they make the checks out to, and she had money for her rent, her house and her car payment, and she dropped it," said Tommy Winland, a student at Philo Junior High.

Tommy kept an eye on the money until his dad returned. He then gave the money to his father to return to the bank. Luckily enough, the owners of the cash  were identified and came back to the bank and retrieved the money.

"You know I teach my children by example. You do what’s right and good things will come back to you , and that’s the only way to live your life," said Tommy’s father, Tom. "I’m very proud in what he did and it makes me feel like I’m raising him the right way".

Tommy’s boy scout leaders will also be recognizing him for his honesty at a meeting this June.