Local Library System Plans to Visit the State House

by Courtney Wheaton on March 21, 2014 at 6:44 am

Local librarians will travel to Columbus to visit the State House in April to talk directly with Ohio legislators.

Library employees from across the state will be in attendance on April 2. Funding for public libraries is just one of the topics that will be up for discussion during the meeting.

"We want to update them on what we are doing and all the needs and opportunities that they see, but we also want to discuss funding with them in House Bill 59. The state budget bill was projected that public libraries would receive a four percent increase in 2014, " said Tom.

Tom says that Ohio libraries actually saw a four percent decrease in funding and hopes to increase the percentage of money that goes into the public library fund for upcoming years.

"What we will be proposing is that they increase that PLF from 1.66 percent to to 2 percent of the state general revenue fund so we can continue to partner with citizens and legislators to make sure that Ohio continues to to grow, " said Tom.

After the meeting, members from Ohio libraries will get the chance to receive updates from the Ohio Library Council and visit with legislators personally. The local library system expects to have the results of their requests come this July. If approved for the increase the money will go towards expanding educational outreach to students and improving technology at current facilities.