Locals Weigh in on Area Gas Prices

by Courtney Wheaton on March 13, 2014 at 7:17 am

Gas prices are nearly $4 across the state and even higher in other parts of the nation. WHIZ’s Reporter, Courtney Wheaton went to area gas stations on Thursday to see how people are coping with the increase in gas prices.

" After weeks of increases Ohio gas prices are still on the rise causing a real pain at the pump for drivers. "

" It sucks, When you make minimum wage it’s hard to make a living," said local driver, Louise Joseph.

" They have so many excuses for why their prices go up and down that it’s tough to keep track. All you can do is pay it you need it, " said local driver, Jim Thompson.

" Aw man, I’m sure they’ll go down and then having a hybrid car or whatever the electronic ones that would save a lot, " said local driver, Beau Starner.

Analysts says raises in crude oil prices are to blame.. We’ll see what happens in the upcoming weeks. Other reasons for the increases include rising prices of ethanol and seasonal maintenance at oil refineries.