Lt. Governor Makes Her Way to Zanesville to Talk Budget Review

by Courtney Wheaton on March 7, 2014 at 9:48 am

The Lieutenant Governor for the state of Ohio made a trip to Zanesville on Thursday to discuss the Mid Biennial Budget Review bill that will be introduced to legislature next week.

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor says that the review is unique to Governor, John Kasich’s time in office and will focus on education and tax cut programs. Taylor says in the last two budgets they have cut taxes by a total of 3 billion dollars and hope a new cut will increase those savings.

"This review budget that’s coming out next week includes an additional tax cut for individuals that get the highest rate under five percent and its continuing our efforts to make Ohio a competitive place for jobs to be created, " said Taylor.

Taylor she says she believes that another way to keep Ohio competitive is by making sure its youth are educated. The budget review will include a drop out and recovery initiative.

"24,000 students every year drop out of highschool," said Tayor. It’s kind of an alarming statistic when you look at all of the opportunities they give up by just not getting an high school diploma, so the governor wants to work with the department of education and with schools to put in place a policy to prohibit or prevent those students from dropping out. "

Other topics discussed in the bill included education for military veterans and programs to help reduce the number of Ohioans becoming addicted to prescription drugs.