Mother Speaks About the Risks of Vaccinations

by Courtney Wheaton on March 27, 2014 at 6:53 am

Nearly 80 confirmed cases of mumps have been reported in central Ohio and the CDC is urging people to get vaccinated. One local mother is telling parents to do their research before vaccinating their children.

Shannon Coconis is a mother of three children and also the president of the National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio. She says one of her children was diagnosed with autism and that some members of the autism community believe that vaccinations are just one of the triggers that may cause the disease.

"We feel very strongly that vaccines are one of the triggers that can throw many kids who are genetically predisposed or for some other reason would have a chance to get autism so we are very careful about what we put into our bodies," said Coconis.

Coconis says that parents should read the labels of the vaccines and understand the purpose and potential dangers of each ingredient. She encourages parents to weigh out the benefits and risks of receiving vaccinations.

" The one thing with vaccines that just because you get them doesn’t mean you’re not going to get it, and once you get it that antibody on lasts for so long, they are finding now that for many of these people who have gotten the MMR Shot, that those antibodies are only in the body for eight years sometimes, " said Coconis.

Coconis says that getting a vaccination is a personal choice. She says her children all have varying levels of vaccinations and she urges the public to make the decision that works best for their family.