Muskingum Youth Attend Local Concert

by Miriah Turner on March 10, 2014 at 9:47 am

Hundreds of  youth  from Muskingum County schools spent the morning at Secrest Auditorium learning about music and the arts.The Zanesville Concert Association held their annual concert for students with special guest David Tolley, a well known musician and composer. Tolly’s musical ability and success relayed the importance of musical education and opportunity.

"Our performer is from Ohio and was discovered on The Tonight Show. So it’s sort of, if you’ve prepared yourself and you’re ready, and the opportunity comes and you take the opportunity, you have a career," said Jim Mclaughlin,ZCA Board Member. "Of course in these economic times there’s the temptation to cut back the arts. So we want to herald keeping the arts in schools. And then also for those kids who have music this is an opportunity for them to find the next level of performance."

A few students and teachers had the opportunity to sing on stage with Tolley’s accompaniment. The ZCA recognizes the importance of musical education.

"Its a tremendous blessing. The research is out that the people who get the best grades in school are in the arts," said Mclaughlin. "This is a free event to the schools. The Zanesville Concert Association provides it each year. So its quite a bit of money that’s being invested into these children by our foundation. It’s a great treat that ZCA offers to train the next audience for our community."

The Zanesville Concert Association foundation was established in 1983 and is locally supported. To find more information on local music and arts as well as ZCA you can visit the Zanesville Concert Association at