New Bill Proposes to Help Parents Monitor Children’s Electronic Activity

by Courtney Wheaton on March 28, 2014 at 4:21 am

Muskingum County Court Judge, Eric Martin visited Columbus to ask that House legislators pass a bill that will allow parents to better monitor their children’s electronic activity.

Under current law parents who intercept their children’s electronic content including on their cell phones, computers and tablets could face serious jail time if caught.

" To look over their shoulder and see what they are doing is not a crime, but if you intercept it and look at it on your computer while they are looking at in on their computer, that’s intercepting communication and that’s a felony of the fourth degree. They could go to prison up to 18 months, " said Martin

House Bill 15 would allow parents to have that right without the fear of prosecution. Judge Martin says that children should earn the right to privacy and that being aware of your children’s internet activity could potentially save their lives.

" The Chardon shootings in 2012 brought it home to me when I heard a psychologist on the radio say that if the parents had been monitoring the Facebook postings that that tragedy could’ve been avoided," said Judge Martin.

State Rep Brian Hill drafted the legislation for the bill and Martin is hopeful that Senator Troy Balderson will also support the legislation once it reaches the senate. Martin is hopeful that the bill will leave the house within the next month.