Ohio Homeland Security Visits College

by Courtney Wheaton on March 31, 2014 at 8:05 am

Monday was the first day of the Ohio University Zanesville- Zane State Campus’ Public Safety Week. To kick things off a seminar from from Ohio Homeland Security Officials.

Regional Coordination Unit Supervisor, Mary Tyler talked about the importance of speaking out against suspicious behavior as a part of their "See Something Say Something" campaign.

"It’s basically your who why your how, the five the who, what ,when, where, and why and we ask them did you see specific things. If it was a vehicle, what was the color of the vehicle and was it a two door or was it a four door? Do you know the make and model?," said Tyler.

Tyler also informed the public about the Ohio Strategic Analysis Centers that are present in Ohio. There are three in our state and she encourages people call in to report information.

"We actually gave them the OHS tip line, but we always recommend that folks work with their local law enforcement because that’s important to build that relationship, " said Tyler.

Monday’s session also included a question and answer session.