Perry County Sheriff Announces Indictment of Three in Heroin Investigation

by Courtney Wheaton on March 28, 2014 at 6:48 am

Perry County Sheriff William R. Barker announces the indictment of three New Lexington residents involved in a large scale heroin trafficking operation.

On Tuesday, a Perry County Grand Jury indicted 27- year- old Chelsie Maddux, 31- year- old Timothy Harris and 46- year-old Laura Hynus for their involvement in distributing more than 680 grams of heroin since 2012.

"That’s equivalent to about one and a half pounds, if people are trying to equate some size to that its about a pound and a half of butter, " said Sheriff Barker.

The investigation was a joint effort between the Perry County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force. Barker says officials put in countless hours to reach this point in the investigation.

" I hate to tell you the time that was put in on this case. I have part time employees that worked on this endlessly, our prosecutor came in extra. We actually have an attorney on staff here that works part time and he spent endless hours on this case, just an endless amount of time and a lot of it downright devotion," said Barker.

During the two year investigation seven vehicles, three four wheelers, one firearm and an undisclosed amount of cash was seized. According to the bureau of criminal investigation, the amount of heroin found is estimated at $ 680,000 in street value. The three indicted individuals are facing more than 16 charges stemming from the investigation.