Peter Pan Showing At The Renner

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 10, 2014 at 12:01 pm

The Disney version of Peter Pan is showing at the Renner, but only for one more weekend!

It was a packed house at the Renner for the third showing of Peter Pan Sunday afternoon. Director Rich Tolliver says it has taken a lot of preparation to get ready for the play, including building sets, preparing the music, and creating one-of-a-kind costumes.

"we’ve been working on rehearsals three times a week," explained Tolliver. "We’ve been working on this for four months, getting it ready, auditions and the weather kind of hammered us. We had to ya know readjust but there’s a lot of work."

Tolliver says there are around 50 children in the production, all of which come from surrounding counties.

"So we’re really pulling kids from all different places. They make new friends so it’s really nice they can get together with other people that like to do what they like to do."

Peter Pan will be shown at the Renner Theater Friday March 14 through Sunday March 16. For tickets and show times, you can go online to