Prepare Your Vehicle For Warmer Weather

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 27, 2014 at 6:54 am

Chances are this past winter took a toll on your car battery.

According to AAA Auto Club Spokeswoman Kimberly Schwind, there were a record number of vehicle breakdowns due to drained batteries last winter. Schwind says about half of those breakdowns could have been prevented with routine maintenance. With the warmer temperatures just a few months away, Schwind suggests preparing your car for the hot summer months.

"Over the winter, the biggest problem that we saw was with car batteries," said Schwind. "We had a record number of battery installations in January because so many batteries died in the cold. Even if you’re battery made it through the winter, it’s going to be weakened. So when we get into the summer heat, we will see a lot of batteries dying."

You can take your car to any auto parts store and they can check your battery for you at no cost. Another thing to keep in mind is the salt residue left on your vehicle.

"People have really been putting off washing their cars, we’ve had a lot of snow a lot of salt on the road, that can actually damage the undercarriage of your car and get the undercarriage cleaned as we head into spring and that can help prevent some of that damage as well."

For other tips on how to prepare your car for summer, you can go online to