Professional Day of Caring

by Courtney Wheaton on March 20, 2014 at 7:06 am

Employees from area non-profit organizations met at the James Singer Center to give each other an annual update.

Thursday was the Council on Community Resources, Professional Day of Caring. More than thirty area organizations were in attendance. The programs focused on education and awareness.

"The focus is to get a lot of the area agencies from across Muskingum County together so we can share what sorts of programs they have got going on because they do change from year to year, unless you are really being active and know what’s going on you don’t know what they have to offer," said Community Resources President, Patrick Donovan.

Donovan says the meeting is used as a networking tool and allows people with similar careers to work together in the future.

"Basically it’s non profit agencies. I’m actually through children services, I work with grandparents and other relatives that are caring for children in doing that I’ll often time work with the Educational Service Center with some of those kids or Help Me Grow or some of the schools," said Donovan.

Guests who attended the event were able to cross-focus on other organizations in attendance and also participated in an open auction and received small gifts for coming out.