Shoppers Brave the Elements

by Erika Brooks on March 2, 2014 at 11:53 am

Old Man Winter has shown it is not done with us yet. A few brave souls decided to tackle the first batch of the storm early on Sunday to stock up on supplies, but as this winter has proven keeping up with demand has been difficult for area stores.

The Riesbeck’s on Howard Street knew the big snow storm was heading our way so the store stocked up on as many essentials as possible before the first wave hit. Store Manager, Rich Daughtery says as usual, milk and bread were big ticket items as well as eggs. Which Daughtery says have been hard to keep on shelves this entire winter so having a full supply this weekend was very important.

"Something people don’t think about, eggs. The chickens aren’t laying eggs like they normally do so with some sizes of eggs, the variety just isn’t there," according to Daughtery.

The salt shortage affecting the city has also hit Riesbeck’s pretty hard.

"We have shovels of course but as far as dealing with the ice and melting ice and snow, we really don’t have a lot of options."

Riesbeck’s rarely closes during a storm so the store will try to stay open until midnight Sunday evening and they are using what salt supply they have to keep the sidewalks clear for shoppers.